is a web app that shows you what’s going on at any event in any part of the world. takes all of the news stories, pictures, and tweets related to, say, the Comic-Con and puts it all together in one big conglomeration

The Good: The awesome thing about is that it brings tons of information together from many different sites, and puts it together in a clean interface, giving the viewer live, up to date information.
The Bad: I really have nothing to say here.  This site is the best at what it does.
The Ugly: Like I said before, this site’s UI is very clean and easy to use.  The site is organized into 4 columns.  On the far left is this list of current events.  In the middle left is the tweets, the middle right the photos, and the far left the news stories.
The Bottom Line: If you ever want to follow an event, but couldn’t be there, then this is definitely your site!
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