OneRiot is a website that crawls the links people share on websites like digg and twitter, then indexes them.  The end result is a search experience that allows users to find the freshest, most socially-relevant content from across the realtime web.

The Good: The cool thing about this website is that it categorizes all of the links that go on digg and twitter, so you can search a specific topic, and itcomes up with the most shared results.  It’s kind of like Google News, but for the social media web.
The Bad: I thought this site should be more like digg: you click on a link and it first sends it to a comment, like, and share page.  But on OneRiot, the link just sends it to the original article.  That was a perfect chance for them to become a social power, and they missed it.
The Ugly: The UI was quite good, likedigg but with a better search feature.  There also was a ticker on the top displaying breaking news, which was a nice touch.
The Bottom Line: Despite having missed its window of oppurtunity to go social, this is a very good site for someone who wants to be in the know, all of the time.

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