Seriesly is a streaming/torrent client that gives you links to your favorite shows. That basically means that you tell them your favorite shows and they create various feeds that go to your email, rss, webhooks, and more

The Good: A very usable web app that did a lot to set itself out from other TV sites. It had a ton of features, such as iCal integration, and could even create an RSS feed for your favorites.

The Bad: The only bad thing that I have to say is that not all of my favorite shows were on there, but even though that’s a personal problem, it still might affect others.

The Ugly: Overall, the user interface was nice and straightforward, and I had no trouble at all getting around the site. Even the settings were in a good position, and not buried throughout the site. One thing I liked was the smooth, almost magazine-likeway of viewing the channels, and that alone boosted the design.

The Bottom Line: Seriesly is a great web site with few problems. I highly recommend it to any TV junkie out there, or just a regular person trying to keep up with their favorite shows.

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