Repper is an online pattern maker that, in my opinion, makes wonderful surreal, kaleidoscope-like designs.  It is free and easy-to-use, and you can export the design you’ve made into your twitter background.

The Good: For me, there are two good things about this website: one is that you actually get real, quality patterns out of it, and two, that you can make one of your better patterns your twitter background, because these designs are pretty high quality.
The Bad: The demo is, well. a demo.  It’s just a shell of the Repper Pro download, which has alot more features.  And, as a demo site, it has TONS of ads for the pro version.
The Ugly: Repper had an insanely simple and awesome user interface, second to only a real kaleidoscope.  It allows for someone with no design experience whatsoever to create a high quality image that can be printed on a mug or mousepad.
The Bottom Line: Repper is a great app that I recommend for all of you young, budding designers out there who just want to create something special.
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