I think that the most undiscovered community of web apps out there are the wishlist ones. Wishlistr, Wishlings, and the one that this post is based on, Wantzit.  But I think that Wantzit is the best out of all of those,  Why?  You’ll just have to find out.

The Good: The one thing that sets Wantzit out from the rest is that you can update your wish list from anywhere in your social life.  Literally.  It lets you update the list from your facebook, twitter, delicious account, and thats only the beginning.  The bookmarklet is another way to save an item.  Just click it when you’re on the amazon or ebay page of the thing you desire, click on the bookmarklet.
The Bad: With all of the positive things that I had to say up there, I have no negative things to say down here.  The only bad thing would be that to use the facebook feature, you have to download the facebook app, and they usually intrude too much.  An easier method would be facebook integration.
The Ugly: Another negative thing about this app is that the user interface is confusing and takes a bit getting used to.  The only upside to this is that you rarely ever have to use the UI if you update from your facebook or twitter.
The Bottom Line: All in all, this is a very good site.  Despite the the ugly UI, I highly recommend this site for all ages.
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