Saturday Night Five: 5 Best Alternatives to iTunes

For most of us, iTunes has a iron grip on our music and other media.  But what you don’t know is that there are many other great alternatives to iTunes that are just waiting to be discovered.  So, without further ado, heres the first Sunday Five list, the 5 best alternatives to iTunes.

1. Songbird This is the mp3 manager that I use.  It has a slick user interface, and does alot with categorizing songs, making them easier to find.  One thing that I like alot is that many features, such as scrobbling, New Releases, a lyrics manager, and the 7Digital store are integrated into it.
2.  Grooveshark This is my personal favorite item on the list.  Why?  Because you can listen to unlimited music, and it’s absolutely, 100% free.  That’s right, by just logging on to a webpage and browsing, you get free unlimited songs.  The only downsides are that there are ads, and you can only view your songs online.  You can change that by signing up for a $3 a month VIP plan.
3. Rdio This is an unlimited service like Grooveshark, only this time it’s paid.  Normally, I wouldn’t pay extra for the same program that’s free, but 2 things make Rdio stand out: first, Rdio’s recommendations are user generated, not by machines.  And second of all, Rdio is available on you mobile device, making music on the go a cinch.  Note: It is currently in invite-only registration, so you can either wait for the real version to come out, or put your email in and hope for the best.
4. Amarok I’m surprised that no one has heard of this one.  I used Amarok for a while, and the user interface impressed me, but one thing was lacking: features.  The only good feature on it was the song recommendation feature, and even that seemed lacking.  But if you are looking for a bare-bones media player with a good UI, then download it.
5. Banshee If you’re a linux user, your probably very familiar with the Banshee music player, but this new version is not the old one you know.  Banshee got a huge revamp, and is now available for Mac.  Somenew features included in this update are: music recommendations, and synchronization with iPhone and Android.  Banshee is a solid music player, and I recommend it to anyone who has a Mac.
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