This web app Is a personal diary service.  It gives your own information back to you by downloading info you use every day.  You can import data data from Facebook, Twitter, last.fm, email, RSS, Flickr, Wesabe, and more.  It allows you to access this info as easily as the companies that run these services can.

The Good: It give you you information back!  All of the info is hosted on your computer, so no advertisers can use it to annoy you with endless ads.

The Bad: It doesn’t do much of anything else. The calendar was messed up, and didn;t work properly.  there were plenty of bugs on the day view , and it only showed the RSS for the calendar.

The Ugly (the user interface design)  Not bad.  Everything was easy to get to and worked the way it should.  The calendar UI was something different than other clients

The Bottom Line: this web app could be useful for web designers who like to own their own info, and conspiracy theorists who think that google and

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