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Xtranormal is a service that allows anyone to make a movie. It is online and on a free desktop app, so you can have it on the go as well.  If you remember the movie that got the best buy guy in trouble, it was made using this.

The Good: Xtranormal is very good at what it does, which is making movies.  It is very easy to use, produces good video, and even has certain personalities and voices for each “actor” It also allows you to share your videos after you’ve created them.
The Bad: The major bad thing about this web app can be summed up in 6 words: IT TAKES TOO LONG TO LOAD.  (That was 6, right?)
The Ugly: The user interface was very clean and easy to use.  I have nothing negative to say (for once)
The Bottom Line: It is a very good service, I enjoy making videos immensely on it, and I highly recommend it to anyone with a love of film and a lot of patience.

Saturday Night Five: Best Note Taking Web Applications

Admit it.  We’ve all forgotten things in our life.  Whether it’s that recipe for that phenomenal dip you had at that party, or that receipt for that ugly sweatshirt you liked at the time, all of us would like a memory upgrade.  Well, this is where these web applications come in.  They a pretty much an extension of your brain.  S, without further ado, here’s the Five Best Note-Taking Apps:

1. Springpadit: Springpadit is a useful application that, besides having a normal note-taking tool, has a few killer features that help it stand out. First, you can drag a bookmarklet up to the bookmarks bar, and whenever  you find something cool on the web, you highlight it, and it goes into Springpadit as a note.  Another cool feature is that, say you wanted to buy a car, and you clipped a webpage about the car and all of its specs.  Well, Springpad would find a review about that car and add it to your lis, adding to your knowledge of it/
2. Google Notebook: Google Notebook is geared more toward web based notetaking, but is still a great service.  In my opinion, Google Notebook is a thinly veiled social bookmarking site without the social.  It does all of the work of del.ico.us, and doees a great job of it, but just simply isn’t enough.  Google should bring something better to the table if it wants to succeed.
3. Zoho Notebook: Zoho, as you may or may not have known is a web application center, much like google apps, but with one major difference: Zoho hasn’t caught on yet.  But enough of that.  I know that I always say that there’s one thing that sets a web ap apart, and I searched and searched, and i got nothing.  It was just an ordinary app that took notes.
4. Evernote: Time to bring out the big guns.  Evernote has so many good features that I don’t even know where to start. PDF capabilities, fully indexed and searchable, and tags all set Evernote apart.  But the one awesome feature that completely blew me away was Evernote Trunk.  Evernote Trunk is an amalgamation of apps and hardware that all work with Evernote.  It’s almost like an app store, but for note taking.  Pretty cool,
5. Springnote:  The last item on our list, Springnote, is something totally new.  It’s just like a regular note taking app, but one difference: it is a wiki-like collaboration device.  This makes it a very powerful tool for business men and college students.I know that this is shaking up the list a bit, but it’s totally worth it. You can have a personal notebook or a group notebook, making it very easy to share ideas, a bit like conferencing online.
The Bottom Line: I think that Evernote does the best job,and I encourage  you to try them all to find the best one for your needs, but there might be others that I missed.  tell me about some that I forsook in the comments.  They’re there and waiting!


Almost.at is a web app that shows you what’s going on at any event in any part of the world.  Almost.at takes all of the news stories, pictures, and tweets related to, say, the Comic-Con and puts it all together in one big conglomeration

The Good: The awesome thing about almost.at is that it brings tons of information together from many different sites, and puts it together in a clean interface, giving the viewer live, up to date information.
The Bad: I really have nothing to say here.  This site is the best at what it does.
The Ugly: Like I said before, this site’s UI is very clean and easy to use.  The site is organized into 4 columns.  On the far left is this list of current events.  In the middle left is the tweets, the middle right the photos, and the far left the news stories.
The Bottom Line: If you ever want to follow an event, but couldn’t be there, then this is definitely your site!


OneRiot is a website that crawls the links people share on websites like digg and twitter, then indexes them.  The end result is a search experience that allows users to find the freshest, most socially-relevant content from across the realtime web.

The Good: The cool thing about this website is that it categorizes all of the links that go on digg and twitter, so you can search a specific topic, and itcomes up with the most shared results.  It’s kind of like Google News, but for the social media web.
The Bad: I thought this site should be more like digg: you click on a link and it first sends it to a comment, like, and share page.  But on OneRiot, the link just sends it to the original article.  That was a perfect chance for them to become a social power, and they missed it.
The Ugly: The UI was quite good, likedigg but with a better search feature.  There also was a ticker on the top displaying breaking news, which was a nice touch.
The Bottom Line: Despite having missed its window of oppurtunity to go social, this is a very good site for someone who wants to be in the know, all of the time.


Check out my card.ly card: card.ly/lukes1997


Seriesly is a streaming/torrent client that gives you links to your favorite shows. That basically means that you tell them your favorite shows and they create various feeds that go to your email, rss, webhooks, and more

The Good: A very usable web app that did a lot to set itself out from other TV sites. It had a ton of features, such as iCal integration, and could even create an RSS feed for your favorites.

The Bad: The only bad thing that I have to say is that not all of my favorite shows were on there, but even though that’s a personal problem, it still might affect others.

The Ugly: Overall, the user interface was nice and straightforward, and I had no trouble at all getting around the site. Even the settings were in a good position, and not buried throughout the site. One thing I liked was the smooth, almost magazine-likeway of viewing the channels, and that alone boosted the design.

The Bottom Line: Seriesly is a great web site with few problems. I highly recommend it to any TV junkie out there, or just a regular person trying to keep up with their favorite shows.